Next IBAC meeting

The XXVIII International Bioacoustics Congress will be held in Hokkaido, Japan, 27 October - 1 November 2023.

Dear friends of IBAC,

the IBAC committee has made the difficult decision to postpone our next congress, scheduled to take place in Japan, to October 2023 (Oct 27 - Nov 1;  Due to the ongoing pandemic uncertainties and the fact that Japan has not yet opened its borders - and no one knows when it will do so - this decision was necessary.

In addition, our colleagues from the African Bioacoustics Community will be holding their congress in South Africa, October 2-7, 2022. The ABC congress is now organized every two years, alternating with IBAC. In a spirit of cooperation with the entire bioacoustics community, IBAC has decided to support the ABC conference.  We hope to see many of you there. Awaiting Japan!

Wishing you a great time in bioacoustics and all the best for your projects.

On behalf of the IBAC committee,
Prof.Nicolas Mathevon, President of IBAC Society

24 February 2022

P.S. As you may know, you have the possibility to become an official member of the IBAC Society (the membership form is here: In order not to harm members who have already paid their membership fee, their membership is automatically extended for one year - until 2023.


Previous IBAC meetings

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No. Date Place Published proceedings
XXVII September 2019 Brighton, UK  
XXVI October 2017 Haridwar, India  
XXV September 2015 Murnau, Germany  
XXIV September 2013 Pirenópolis, Brazil  
XXIII September 2011 La Rochelle, France  
XXII September 2009 Lisbon, Portugal Advances in Bioacoustics IV
XXI September 2007 Pavia, Italy Advances in Bioacoustics III
XX September 2005 Portoroz, Slovenia Advances in Bioacoustics II
XIX August 2003 Belém, Brazil Advances in Bioacoustics I
XVIII September 2001 Cogne, Italy Bioacoustics 13:175-207
XVII April 1999 Chartres, France Bioacoustics 13:77-102
XVI October 1997 Texas, USA Bioacoustics 9:149-163
XV October 1996 Pavia, Italy Bioacoustics 8:249-279
XIV October 1995 Potsdam, Germany Bioacoustics 6:297-324
XIII April 1994 Møls, Denmark Bioacoustics 6:69-81
XII September 1991 Osnabrück, Germany Bioacoustics 4:59-75
XI September 1989 Cambridge, UK Bioacoustics 2:163-170
X September 1987 Florac, France  
IX September 1985 Texel, Netherlands  
VIII September 1983 Songli, Norway  
VII September 1981 Sussex, UK  
VI October 1979 Vadstena, Sweden  
V September 1977 Bramslevgaard, Denmark Biophon 5(3)
IV November 1975 Jersey, UK  
III October 1973 Rouen, France  
II September 1972 Als, Denmark  
I October 1971 Kinross, UK