IV IBAC Symposium
Jersey, Channel Islands
6-9 November 1975

Organised by
E.D.H. Johnson

Held at the Atlantic Hotel, La Moye, St Brelade, Jersey.




Thursday 6 November 1975

Arrival & registration
Annual General Meeting of IBAC
Ron Kettle: Function and requirement of the British Library of Wildlife Sounds (BLOWS)
Rosemary Jellis: Current research on Turdinae

Friday 7 November 1975

P J B Slater: Some speculations on form and function in bird song
J Hall-Craggs: Errors in the performance of Blackbird (Turdus merula) song
JC Bremond: Chant du troglodyte (T. troglodytes): Sa perception par l'oiseau en presence de divers bruits.
Carl Weismann: Comparative experiments on the performance of the gun microphone and the parabolic reflector
M Vince: Natural sounds audible to embryos before hatching
Excursion to Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust, Augres manor

Saturday 8 November 1975

P F Jenkins: Cultural transmission of song patterns in free-living Saddlebacks (Callaeidae: Aves)
Francois Mairy: Acoustical means of communication in the domestic dove (Streptopelia risoria)
Peter Szöke, Miroslav Filip: Why and when is the application of sound spectrography in ornithoacoustics inadequate?
P J Sellar: Recent additions, of scientific interest, to the BLOWS library
George Pook: Vocalisations of marmosets (Callithricidae)
DB Lewis: Frequency and directional sensitivity in insects
Discussion: future activities and policies of IBAC and Biophon
Conference dinner

Sunday 9 November 1975

Excursions and departure