The XXIII meeting of the International Bioacoustics Council (IBAC) will be held in the city of La Rochelle, France, from 12-16 September 2011 at the Aquarium.

The objective of IBAC meeting is to promote international participation throughout the entire field of bioacoustical activity. The subject of bioacoustics is principally a marriage between the fields of biology and physical acoustics. Given its multidisciplinary nature, IBAC aims to bring together, in informal settings, biologists from different specialisms (ethologists, physiologists, taxonomists, etc) with engineers, sound archivists and amateur sound recordists, to foster discussion and exchange of ideas.

The rules of the IBAC will be discussed during the conference, on friday 16th september (GAM): you can read the current rules, and the proposal for new rules here.

The scientific program will be composed of sessions of invited speakers integrated with thematic symposia, non-thematic sessions, and poster presentations.

Scientific Program   new!
A final program of the conference can be download here.

Plenary Speakers
Tecumseh FITCH, Jean-Pierre GAUTIER, Gareth JONES.

Social Program
A bus excursion will be organised on the afternoon of the 14th september (2 to 8 pm) to visit the ILE DE RE. This island is a beautiful island on the Atlantic coast, near La Rochelle. Several sites will be visited: salt marshland, the National Natural Reserve Lilleau des Niges, le phare des Baleines (Lighthouse),Saint Martin de Ré harbour....
Price: 25€



Phare des Baleines

Saint Martin de Ré

Social Dinner:
The social dinner is scheduled on thursday 15th September, at the restaurant LE MISTRAL, a seafood restaurant (10 Place des Coureauleurs 17000 La Rochelle) near the Aquarium.

The dinner includes appéritif, starter, main course, dessert, wine and coffee....Price: 32€

Tickets for both social dinner and bus excursion can be purchased via Paypal (check the registration webpage).
Deadlines for both social dinner and bus excursion: 29th august

Scientific Committee
Thierry Aubin, Nicolas Mathevon, Olivier Adam, Clara Amorim, Isabelle Charrier, Hélène Courvoisier, Paulo Fonseca, Fanny Rybak, Clémentine Vignal.

Organizing committee
Thierry Aubin, Nicolas Mathevon, Olivier Adam, Joel Attia, , Marilyn Beauchaud, Colette Bouchut, Isabelle Charrier, Hélène Courvoisier, Chloé Huetz, Florence Levrero, Fanny Rybak, Clémentine Vignal.