IX IBAC Symposium
Texel, The Netherlands, 26-29 September 1985

Organised by
Kees Hazevoet

Held at The Netherlands Institute for Sea Research, Texel




Thursday, 26 September 1985

Arrival & registration


Friday, 27 September 1985

10:00 Sten Wahlström: The parabolic reflector as an acoustical amplifier.

11:00 Coffee

11:30 Russell Davis: Integrated computer system for bio-acoustical signal acquisition, analysis and synthesis.

11:45 Mathijs Vermanen: A demonstration of the latest advancements in digital recording and its possible applications for wildlife sound recording.

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Excursion on the island of Texel, including visits to nature reserves. Also digital recording in the field will be exploited, giving partici-pants opportunity to test the results of their various microphones in digital recording and compare the results with ordinary recording technique.

18:30 Conference dinner

20:00 Veikko Neuvonen & Hannu Hautala: slides and recordings of birds in the arctic winter.


Saturday, 28 September 1985

09:30 Jan Veen: Ethological studies on Laridae at the Zoological Laboratory of the University of Groningen.

10:15 Kees Hazevoet: Song and display of Pallid Harrier Circus macrourus.

11:15 Paul Hansen: Song dialects of Danish Yellowhammers Emberiza citrinella - a progress report.

11.45 John Burton: Why do Locustella sing like insects?

13:00 Lunch

14:00 IBAC biennial general meeting

1500 Tea

15:30 V.C. Lewis: The strange relationship of the male Wood Warbler Phylloscopus sibilatrix with the Cuckoo Cuculus canorus.

16:00 J.C. Roché: Some remarkable behaviour and sounds of birds from different parts of the world.

16:30 Ron Kettle: A new spectrograph - sonagrams in colour.

17:00 Carl Weismann: Electronic bioacoustics during past and present: an evaluation of fifty years of bird-sound recording.

18:30 Dinner

20:00 Felix Hess: A live presentation of electronic sound creatures. A project developed at STEIN (Studio for Electra-Instrumental Music), Amsterdam.


Sunday, 29 September 1985

10:00 J.H. Becking: Vocalisations of Asiatic cuckoos and their supposed phylogenetic relationships.

10:30 Tom J. Roberts: A presentation of wildlife recordings from Pakistan.

11:30 S. Watts: Observations on songs of longclaws and larks in southern Africa.

13:00 Lunch

After lunch: departure