XII IBAC Symposium
Osnabrück, Germany, 5-8 September 1991

Organised by:
Prof. Dr. Hans-Heiner Bergmann, Osnabrück University

Supported by:
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft; Universitätgesellschaft,Osnabrück;
Fa. Hellmann, Osnabrück; Fa. Jürgens Hannover; Fa. Electronic Tools;
Fa. Kardmann, Osnabrück; Fa. MEDAV;
Fa. Prelle Shop, Osnabrück; Vogelzug-Verlag, Wiesbaden

Proceedings published in Bioacoustics 4:59-75




Friday, 6 September 1991

9.00 Opening session

Opening addresses
C. Ehrenberg for the University of Osnabrück;
Prof. Dr J. W. Lengeler for the Dean of the Department of Biology/Chemistry;
P. Sellar for IBAC


Chairman: J. C. Bremond

Tembrock, G.: The structure of grasshopper song (Chorthippus, Omocestus)
Robisson, P. Analysis of the individual specificity of the calls in the Emperor penguin (Aptenodytes forsteri)

10.15 Coffee and tea break

10.45 Aubin, T.: Some features of time-frequency analysis and representation of animal vocalisations

Jackson, J.: Vocalisations in captive baboons

13.30 Poster Session

14.30 Session 2: DEVELOPMENT
Chairman: H.-H. Bergmann

Frommolt, K-H.: Development of vocal repertoires in Anatidae
Bohner, J., Effects of different methods of tutoring in song learning experiments

16.00 Hultsch, H.& D. Todt: Song acquisition as a paradigm for serial learning in birds

17.00 Formal reception by Osnabrück’s Lord Mayor Mrs. Flick in the Friedenssaal of the Rathaus in the city center (Marktplatz)


Saturday, 7 September 1991

9.00 Session 3: DIALECTS
Chairman: D. Todt

Knab, N. & H.-H. Bergmann: Dialect borders in Chaffinch (Fringilla coelebs) rain calls
Helb, H.-W.: Song dialects in the Yellowhammer (Emberiza citrinella): Current situation of research in Central Europe, and heart rate responses to song playback measured by means of radiotelemetry

Chairman: J. BOHNER

Bremond, J.-C.: Acoustic competition?
Heuwinkel, H.: Bioacoustical Investigations on the Dipper (Cinclus cinclus)

11.30 Special film session Chairman: G Tembrock

Ladich, F.: Sound production by the river bullhead, Cottus gobio L. (Cottidae, Teleostei)
Carl Weismann: sound recordings

13.30 Poster session

14.30 Session 5: GENERAL

Chairman: P. Sellar

Borsani, J.F., G. Pavan, G. Notarbartolo di Sciara: A Cetacean sound library catalogue of the Mediterranean Sea
Pavan, G.: A portable PC-based DSP workstation for bioacoustical research

15.45 Session 5, part 2
Martens, J.: Lautaüßerungen und die Entdeckung einer kryptischen Art in der Gattung Pnoepyga (Timaliidae)
Peters, G: Conceptual issues in assessing phylogenetic relationships in mammals on the basis of their vocalizations

16.30 h Round table open discussion: Stereophonic recording
Chairman: S. Wahlström

19.00 h Farewell party with buffet.


Sunday, 8 September 1991

Excursions: to the Wadden Sea close to Wilhelmshaven (Wadden Sea ecology, migrating and staging waders and other birds), all day; Rieselfelder (former sewage farm) near Münster, about 5 hrs (waders and other water birds, nature conservancy problems); Dummer lake, 45 km north of Osnabrück. About 5 hrs. (Waterbirds, marshland, nature conservancy problems).