V IBAC Symposium
Bramslevgaard, Hobro, Jutland, Denmark
15-18 September 1977

Organised by
Dr Poul Bondesen
Århus University

Proceedings published in Biophon V(3), 1977

Bramslevgaard, Denmark 1977. L to R: ?, Poul Bondesen, Rosemary Jellis, Carl Weismann, Johnnie Johnson. (photo: P. Sellar)




Thursday, 15 September 1977

Arrival & registration

Danish tea table at 20:00


Friday, 16 September 1977

IBAC open general meeting

Poul Hansen: Variations in Yellowhammer songs

Peter Slater: Individual differences in Chaffinch songs

Paul van den Elzen: Remarks on the vocalizations of Tomopterna (Amphibia , Salientia, Ranidae) in South-west Africa (Namibia)

Carl Weismann: The gun mike


Saturday, 17 September 1977

Francois Mairy: The role of the syrinx in controlling coo production on the Ring Dove, Streptopelia risoria: acoustic and anatomical indications.

Torbjörn Järvi: Bioacoustic investigations at the laboratory of ethology, Zoological Institute, University of Stockholm

Peter Szöke: Methological and the retical significance of the three different and correlative domains of the acoustic signalling systems of birds.

Poul Bondesen, Rosemary Jellis: Presentations of books

Excursion to Rold forest (with hardwood forest, lake Store Økssø, the 'Blue Spring, Skovhave arboretum, etc)


Sunday, 18 September 1977

Excursions & departure