VII IBAC Symposium
Sussex, England
25-29 September 1981

Organised by
Professor P. J. B. Slater

Held at the University of Sussex Conference Centre, Ashdown Forest, Sussex.

University of Sussex, England 1981. Excursion on Bluebell steam railway.
L>R: Poul Bondesen, ?, Carl Weismann, Johnnie Johnson, Marion Kirby, John Kirby. (photo: P. Sellar)

University of Sussex, England. 1981.
L>R: Dominic Couzens, Tom Slater, Elisabeth Slater, John Burton,
Phil Hollom, Rosemary Jellis (photo: P. Sellar)




Friday, 25 September 1981

Arrival & registration


Saturday, 26 September 1981

1000 Ian Baker (BBC engineering): From Syrinx to Loudspeaker

1130 John Fisher: The parabolic reflector

1200 Open forum on field recorders - Sony, Stellavox, Uher, Nagra

1345 Excursions: Ashdown Forest walk, Beachy Head, or mystery tour

1830 conference dinner

T C White: A task but no taskmaster


Sunday, 27 September 1981

0930 Peter Grieg-Smth: Functional significance of song and alarm calls in the Stonechat (Saxicola torquata)

1100 Peter Slater: Bird song learning: a review

1415 Brian Lewis: General strategies for directional hearing in animals

1545 Keith Wheatley: Song sequences in Mistle Thrushes

1615 Discussion: What are the possibilities for scientific contribution by the amateur field recordist and are these being fully exploited?

1930 V C Lewis: Unusual and interesting bird sound recordings


Monday, 28 September 1981

0945 Poul Hansen: Song dialects in the Yellowhammer (Emberiza citrinella)

1015 P Bondesen: Various types of Whitethroat (Sylvia communis) song

1100 IBAC general meeting

1430 Carl Weismann: The Stanmer park chaffinches (Fringilla coelebs) and New Zealand

Peter Slater: Cultural changes in Chaffinch song over 18 years

F A Clements: Shorter changes in song: 1978-1981

S. Muldal: Whales and nightingales

Demonstrations of Kay Sonagraph and Unigon Continuous Spectrum Analyser