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Monday, 3rd September 2001

08:30 - 10:00 registration and ice breaking

10:00 - Coffee break

10:30 - Opening
Richard Ranft (IBAC Honorary Secretary)
Gianni Pavan (IBAC Chairman)


· Birds

11:00 - Complex acoustic communication signals.
Jacques Vielliard (Brazil)

11:30 - Application of entropy to Rufous-bellied Thrush song.
Maria Luisa da Silva (Brazil)

12:00 - Analysis of ecstatic display in male Humboldt penguins.
Biasotti B., Gnone G., Pavan G. (Italy)

12:30 - Lunch break

14:30 - Behavioural modulation by the social context in the gregarious parakeet, Melopsittacus undulatus: vocal and postural responses to an alarm call.
Gérard Nicolas (France)

15:00 - Making yourself heard – A study of masking effects on blue tit Parus caeruleus singing interactions
Angelika Poesel, Torben Dabelsteen & Simon Boel Pedersen (Denmark)

15:30 - Small programs based on temporal aspects of birdsong
Margaret Rebbeck (UK)

16:00 - Food-begging calls in african parrots
V. Venuto, R. Massa & L. Bottoni (Italy)

16:30 - Coffee break

17:00 - 19:00 - Poster discussion

21:00 - Video Projection: the winner of the International Nature Film Festival


Tuesday 4th September

· Invertebrates & amphibians

09:30 - Studies of cicada sound production using commercial HS video.
Matija Gogala and Tomi Trilar (Slovenia)

10:00 - Nonresonant stridulation - a challenge for digital signal processing.
Gunther Tschuch & Denis J. Brothers (Germany)

10:30 - Comparison in structure and variation of advertisement and release call of the green toad, Bufo viridis (Amphibia: Anura).
Luca Tontini, Sergio Castellano, Cristina Giacoma (Italy)

11:00 - Coffee break


· Mammals

11:30 - Tonal calls, noises and its associations in Eulemur species.
Marco Gamba & Cristina Giacoma (Italy)

12:00 - Voiced and voiceless human infant cries in an evolutionary perspective.
Daniela Lenti Boero, Carlo Lenti, Francesca Rocca (Italy)

CANCELLED - A burrows of mammals as an acoustical system (on the example of Marmota bobak).
Alexander A. Nikol'skii (Russia)

12:30 - Lunch break

15:00 - 16:30 - Projection of documentary films presented at the Film Festival

16:30 - Coffee break

17:00 - 19:00 - Poster discussion

21:00 - Video projections (open to accompanying persons too)
scientific videos presented by participants and a documentary film chosen among those presented at the Festival


Wednesday 5th September

- Underwater bioacoustics & acoustical oceanography

09:30 - Humpback whale population structure revealed through geographic variation in Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean song structure.
David A. Helweg (USA)

10:00 - Passive acoustic detection of finless porpoises in the Yangtze River, China.
Tomonari Akamatsu, Ding Wang, Kexiong Wang & Zhuo Wei (Japan, China)

10:30 - INFN NEMO Test Platform: an opportunity for a long term study of ocean noise and biological sounds in the Mediterranean Sea.
Gianni Pavan, G. Riccobene, G. Cosentino, F. Speziale (Italy)

11:00 - Coffee break

11:30 - Discriminating individual sea lions by voice: a neural network signal processing solution to signature call identification.
Bob Gisiner, David A. Helweg, Greg Campbell (USA)

12:00 - Ontogeny of mother's voice recognition in fur seal pups.
Nicolas Mathevon, Isabelle Charrier, Thierry Aubin, Pierre Jouventin (France)

12:30 - How a pup identify its mother in a colony of antarctic fur seals.
Thierry Aubin, Isabelle Charrier, Nicolas Mathevon, Pierre Jouventin (France)

13:00 - Lunch break

14:30 - The effects of noise exposure on auditory sensitivity of fishes.
Amy R. Scholik and Hong Y. Yan (USA)

15:00 - Acoustic and temporal features of sounds of Sciaena umbra (Sciaenidae) in the Miramare Marine Reserve (Gulf of Trieste, Italy).
Clizia Bonacito, Marco Costantini, Licia Casaretto, Anthony D. Hawkins, Maurizio Spoto, Enrico A. Ferrero (Italy, UK)

15:30 - Effects of noise exposure on hearing and modulation of agonistic behaviour in skunk loach (Botia morleti).
Hong Y. Yan, Timothy Sparkes, Callie Prater (USA)

16:00 - Coffee break

16:30 - 19:00 - Poster discussion

20:00 - Social Dinner


Thursday 6th September

· General Topics

09:30 - How do Bio-Acoustics Researchers Look for Information? A Study of Interdisciplinary Information Seeking.
Ling Hwey Jeng, Hong Young Yan (USA)

10:00 - Preserving and networking natural sound collections
Richard Ranft (UK)

10:30 - Bioacoustic approach in diagnosing environment: a proposal of combined method of the sound source species analysis and sound map.
Teruyo Oba (Japan)

CANCELLED - The electronic collection of animals acoustic signals.
A.A. NikolsKii, E.N. Panov & A.S. Roubstov (Russia)

11:00 - Coffee break

CANCELLED - Loss of Natural Soundscape: Global Implications of Its Effect on Humans and Wildlife.
Bernard Krause (USA)

11:30 - Bioacoustic approach in diagnosing environment: a proposal of combined method of the sound source species analysis and sound map.
Teruyo Oba (Japan)

12:00 - Lunch break

14:30 - Workshop on new trends in Bioacoustics
Themes to be discussed:
- Educational programs
- Sound and environment
- Sound Libraries
- Other topics to be suggested by participants

16:00 - Coffee break

17:00 - AGM - Annual General Meeting (agenda, minutes of last meeting AGM)


Friday, 7th September

Full day excursion



· Birds

The Lombard effect in nightingales: noise-dependent amplitude regulation of songs and calls in a territorial songbird.
Henrik Brumm (Germany)

The vocal repertoire of purple gallinule (Porphyrio p. porphyrio): a first approach.
Marco Canu, Luca Salvati, Leonardo Pucci & Alberto Fanfani (Italy)

Interspecific aggression in the dark - the case of Tawny Owl and Long-eared Owl.
Maciej Fuszara, El˜bieta Fuszara (Poland)

CANCELLED - Evolution of song complexity among hummingbirds.
Clementina González and Juan Francisco Ornelas (Mexico)

CANCELLED - Seasonal variation in the use of two different song categories in nightingales Luscinia megarhynchos.
Hansjoerg P. Kunc, Valentin Amrhein & Marc Naguib (Germany & France)

Geographic and morphologic factors affecting begging calls of the Red-billed Chough (Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax, Corvidae).
Paola Laiolo & Antonio Rolando (Italy)

CANCELLED - Geographical variation in song structure of yellow hammer (Emberiza citrinella) and pine bunting (E. leucephalos) in aspect of their hybridization.
A.S. Roubtsov & E.N. Panov. (Russia)

Seasonal variations in early breeding birds response to playback in the province of Bologna (Northern Appennines)
Luca Melega and Mario Bonora (Italy)


· Mammals

Rut calls as vocal communication of male alpine chamois Rupricapra rupricapra (L. 1758), during mating season.
Monica Giametta (Italy)

Descriptive analysis and variability in the vocal repertoire of Alouatta palliata mexicana: a field study.
Giovanni Boscarol, Ivonne Falcone, Loredana Martinoli, Raffaella Fiore, Marco Gamba, Ernesto Rodriguez Luna, Cristina Giacoma (Italy & Mexico)

Individual differences in human Infant cry in a comparative perspective.
Francesca Rocca, Daniela Lenti Boero, Carlo Lenti (Italy)

Ontogeny and variability in the vocal repertoire of Varecia variegata variegata.
Alessandra Cuminale, Marco Gamba, Cristina Giacoma (Italy)

Ultrasonic vocalizations as an index of social memory in male and female mice.
Rizzi R., Costantini F. Moles A. and D’Amato F.R. (Italy)

Inter-burrow communication in subterranean rodents: what features are environmental constraints acting over?
Gabriel Francescoli (Uruguay)


· Invertebrates

Complex acoustic behaviour of Endecous crickets (ORTHOPTERA, PHALANGOPSIDAE).
Edison Zefa and Jacques M. E. Vielliard (Brazil)

A description of the song of the bush-cricket Poecilimon fussi (Orthoptera, Tettigoniidae).
Kirill Márk Orci (Hungary)

Patterns of stridulation variability in the genus Trypocopris (Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea, Geotrupinae).
Loredana Carisio, Claudia Palestrini, Antonio Rolando & Luigi Romeo (Italy)

Auditory Evoked Responses in Insects: A Noninvasive Method for Measuring Hearing Sensitivity in Butterflies
Darja Ribaric, Friedrich Ladich (Slovenia, Austria)


· Underwater Bioacoustics and Acoustical Oceanography

The usage of vocalizations by the beluga whales (Delphinapterus leucas) during group-resting and sexual behaviour.
Belikov R.A., Bel'kovich V.M. (Russia)

CANCELLED - An assessment of the acoustic waste as a result of biological inclusions in maritime surroundings.
Marinova, V. M., Atanasov, A., Daskalov K. (Bulgary)

Signature Whistle Hypothesis: a study of the occurrence of such fact regarding the population of Sotalia fluviatilis (Cetacea, Delphinidae) from Sepetiba Bay, Brazil.
Figueiredo, Luciana Duarte and Simão, Sheila Marino (Brazil)

Sound emissions of a female humpback whale in Arraial do Cabo (RJ, Brazil).
Simão, Sheila. M. & Moreira, Sergio. C. (Brazil)

Description of the acoustic reportoire of the Megaptera novaeangliae from the migratory corridor in Arraial do Cabo (RJ, Brazil).
Moreira, Sergio. C. & Simão, Sheila. M. (Brazil)

Effects of muting and recovery on the sound production in the croaking gourami, Trichopsis vittata (Pisces: Anabantoidei).
Nicola Novarini, Tomonari Akamatsu & Hong Y. Yan. (Italy, Japan, USA)

Effects of noise exposure on the hearing and sound production of Trichopsis vittata (Pisces; Anabantoidei).
Nicola Novarini, Tomonari Akamatsu & Hong Y. Yan (Italy, Japan, USA)

Noise-induced hearing loss and effects on acoustic communication in two otophysine fishes.
Amoser S., Ladich F. (Austria)

Acoustic tracking of Homarus gammarus inside the Natural Marine Reserve of Miramare: preliminary results.
Marta Picciulin, Marco Costantini, M. Spoto & Enrico A. Ferrero, (Italy)

Low cost tools for sound recording and analysis. Guidelines for a good choice.
Gianni Pavan, Michele Manghi, Claudio Fossati (Italy)


· General Topics

Wavelet versus Fourier analysis of Philautus spp. croaking.
Spithoven L., Eens M., Koedam N. & De Mol C. (Belgium)

CANCELLED - The Veprintsev Collection of Animal Voices is a resource for research on locating and tracking animals by sound.
Veprintseva O.D., Bukreev S.A., Demina G.V., Marinina M.V., Kiknadze S.G., Vasyukov S.A. (Russia)

Recording ultrasounds in the field.
Gianni Pavan (Italy)


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