The XX IBAC proceedings will be published in 2006 in a special issue of the Journal RAZPRAVE (Dissertationes) classis IV of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SASA) as "Advances in Bioacoustics II". There is no page fee.

Please submit your manuscript, preferably in Microsoft Word (DOC or RTF files), as an attachment to an e-mail message. Submit manuscripts to either of the Editors before February 28th, 2006. See the guidelines below.:

Matija Gogala <>
Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts
Novi trg 3
1000 Ljubljana


Tomi Trilar <>
Slovenian Museum of Natural History
Prešernova 20
1000 Ljubljana


Submission of text

The manuscript (in English) should be single spaced in Times New Roman font (excluding special characters). Most manuscripts should include a Title, an Abstract, an Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion and Literature sections, but a more relaxed format without these designated sections is acceptable especially for short papers. Papers should be headed by a title, initials, names and addresses of authors (incl. e-mail addresses), and up to 5 key words that are not already in the title.

An english abstract of not more than 200 words will be translated also to Slovenian language by editors according to the rules of the Journal.

Figure or table captions should be on separate pages.


Submission of figures

Figures should be submitted in separate files. Graphs should be in PNG, GIF, AI or TIFF files, but photographs, oscillographs or spectrographs should be submitted as JPEG, PSD or TIFF files. Contact editors in the case of uncertainty. Number figures consecutively in Arabic numerals. Colour illustrations are possible only after a special agreement with editors.


Submission of tables

Tables should be submitted in separate files using either Microsoft Excel or similar and compatible software. Number tables consecutively in Arabic numerals.


Citation format

Literature citations in the manuscript should be in parentheses, and given as author name(s) and year of publication, e.g. (Bailey 1985; Taigen & Wells 1985; Hopp et al. 1998).References should appear in alphabetical order in the Literature section and should follow the eneral style of these examples:

Bailey, W.J., 1985: Acoustic cues for female choice in bushcrickets (Tettigoniidae).- In: Acoustic and vibrational communication in insects (Ed. by Kalmring K. & Elsner N.), pp. 101-110. Berlin and Hamburg: Parey.

Hopp, S.L., Owren, M.J. & Evans, C.S. (Eds.), 1998: Animal Acoustic Communication: Sound Analysis and Research Methods.- Berlin: Springer-Verlag.

Taigen, T.L. & Wells, K.D., 1985: Energetics of vocalization by an anuran amphibian (Hyla versicolor).- J. Comp. Physiol., 155, 163-170.


Proofs: Page proofs will be sent to authors for correction as PDF files by e-mail and should be returned within the requested time

Copyright: It is the responsibility of the author(s) to obtain any permission necessary to reproduce or quote from published work(s).??

Reprints: 50 reprints of each paper are supplied free of charge; PDF files will be available free of charge as well.

Deadline: Authors should submit papers before February 28th, 2006