Dear colleagues,

I wish you all Happy New Year !

As it is already known to you all that the International Bioacoustics Council ( IBAC ; ) has declared Haridwar,India as the venue for the forthcoming meeting “XXVI INTERNATIONAL BIOACOUSTICS CONGRESS”. The meeting will be held from 8-13 October 2017.  The scientific programme will comprise sessions of invited speakers integrated with thematic symposia, non-thematic sessions, and poster presentations. Each symposium will consist of 4-6 oral presentations, to be chosen by the organiser from the pool of submitted abstracts. The duration of each presentation would be about 15 minutes.

We now have a scientific programme committee consisting of the following members:

  1. Prof. Dinesh Bhatt, India
  2. Prof. Ole Næsbye Larsen, Denmark
  3. Prof. Thierry Aubin, France
  4. Prof. M. J. Ryan,Texas, USA
  5. Prof. Maria Da Silva, Brazil
  6. Prof. Manfred Gahr, Germany
  7. Prof. Gianni Pavan, Italy
  8. Prof. Rohini Balakrishnan, India
  9. Dr. Raghav Rajan, India

The SPC is under the process of selecting the five renowned researchers for plenary talks.

At this moment we are opening calls for symposia and we invite you to submit your proposal at before 10 March 2017.   The Scientific Committee will decide on the proposal’s acceptance based on the theme’s relevance, but other factors such as congress symposia diversity may be considered. The IBAC Organizing Committee may not provide financial support to symposium organizer

Guidelines for Symposium Proposal :

  1. Title of the symposium
  2. Names, institutional affiliation, address, phone number, e-mail address and webpage address of the organizer
  3. Objectives and significance of the proposed symposium  (500 words maximum).

With regards,

Dinesh Bhatt

Convener,XXVI IBAC

IBAC 2017 Organising Committee

Administrative Committee (Gurukula Kangri Vishwavidyalaya, Haridwar):

  1. Prof. Ram Prakash, Hon’ble Chancellor, Chief Patron
  2. Prof. Surendra Kumar, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Patron
  3. Prof. Vinod Kumar, Registrar
  4. Prof. R. C. Dubey, Dean, Faculty of Life Science    
  5. Prof. D. S. Malik, Head, Dept. of Zoology & Env. Sc.
  6. Sh. R. K. Mishra, Finance Officer

International Advisory Committee/Executive Committee of  the IBAC:

  1. Mr. Patrick Sellar, U.K. ,President, IBAC
  2. Prof. Ole Næsbye Larsen, Denmark,Chairman
  3. Dr. Cheryl Tipp, UK ,secretary
  4. Dr. Thierry Aubin, France
  5. Prof. Dinesh Bhatt, India
  6. Dr. Henrik Brumm, Germany
  7. Prof. Maria Luisa da Silva, Brazil
  8. Prof. Peter Narins, USA
  9. Dr. Nicholas Mathevon, France

National Advisory Committee:

  1. Prof. Mewa Singh, Mysore
  2. Prof. Asha C. Saklani, Gurgaon        
  3. Dr. Pratap Singh, Dehradun
  4. Prof. Vinod Kumar, Delhi
  5. Prof. G. Marimuthu, Madurai
  6. Prof. A.K. Pati, Raipur
  7. Dr. Monika Sadananda, Manglore
  8. Dr. Sripathi Kandula  Madurai
  9. Prof. Krishna Kumar, Delhi
  10. Dr. Soumya Iyengar, Manesar

Local Organizing Committee

( Department of Zoology & Environmental Science,GKV,Haridwar )


  1. Prof. D. S. Malik, HOD
  2. Prof. Dinesh Bhatt 
  3. Prof. P. C. Joshi
  4. Prof. Namita Joshi
  5. Dr. Sangeeta Madan
  6. Dr. Rakesh Bhutiani
  7. Dr. Nitin Kamboj
  8. Dr. Vinod Kumar
  9. Dr. Gagan Matta
  10. Dr. Anil Kumar, Dehradun ( special invitee )
  11. Dr. Robin Vijayan,Tirupati (special invitee)
  12. Dr. Vinaya Kumar Sethi, Haridwar ( special invitee)
  13. Dr. Manjari Jain, Mohali ( special invitee)